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‘From the horror of the times to the changing fortunes of the characters, a gripping, historical thriller is born.’                                                                                             Press and Journal

‘A debut novel from journalist Watson, set in the period after Robert the Bruce. Hatred, murder and betrayal are commonplace. The lives of Brodie Affleck, Andrew Christie and Alexander Stewart are inextricably entwined.’             The Scots Magazine

‘From the opening pages of this well-written and vividly imagined historical thriller, the reader is forced to confront the brutality of life in 14th century medieval Scotland in all its gory horror…This is total immersion history. There are no tartan-tinted spectacles here…A compelling page-turner that had us gripped to the final climax…The characters are drawn with humour and compassion and there is a satisfying authenticity to the language and an attention to period detail that lifts the story out of the ordinary to explore universal themes of power, identity and the nature of truth.’   iScot magazine

‘Craig Watson brings the legend of Christie Cleek to life in his debut novel, The Bogeyman Chronicles, a medieval mystery based on real events and legend in the period after William Wallace and Robert the Bruce.’                                              The Courier

‘I enjoyed the fact that this was based on genuine historical figures and events…It seemed unbelievable at parts but the fact it was true, or at least inspired by true facts, kept me reading. I love getting into the history of a country and this was a good read which evoked the violence and power struggles of the time.’                        The Booktrail

‘If that doesn’t grab you, how about …The Bogeyman Chronicles – yes, really – by Craig Watson…A scholarly debut.’                                                                                   Crime Fiction Lover

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‘Hearts fans with an eye for detail, not to mention a certain sense of satisfaction, should enjoy this account of the fight for the future of the Edinburgh club. The book chronicles the bitter disputes of the Chris Robinson era, and although many fans will be well aware of the story, an extra dimension is added by setting the struggle in the context of the club’s fascinating history of ownership.’ The Scotsman, in Top 20 Books  for Christmas

‘Fantastic book. Using an investigative approach, Craig Watson examines the events that have been directly responsible for taking the club to the brink.’        Planet Hearts